Why I Started Making Music


    As you know, I am currently a music artist and have been for the past two years now. Being a self-taught singer, music producer and songwriter has been quite a journey filled with ups and downs, but internal and external growth has been the constant theme throughout it.  

    You see, being only a consumer/listener of music all my life without any background in knowing how to make the stuff didn't help me when I made the decision to make music.  Like most of us, I had won many Grammy's in my personal car and shower awards; not to mention digested music almost as much as I did food during my middle and high school days to keep me sane.  But listening and constructing music are two completely different tasks; which I learned very quickly. 

    In 2022 I experienced having my heart broken for the first time.  It was such a rough experience for me that it thrust me into this drive to write about my feelings and how harsh my emotions were during that period of life.  I am sure some of you can relate to this if you have gone through a similar terrible experience.  I felt dead inside. Completely empty.  Something I had never felt before. I've learned that for some people, heartbreak can either hinder their progress and maim them indefinitely or it can be utilized as a learning tool that can propel them forward in life.  I chose the latter.  Music appeared to be the answer. 

  Whenever I try something new I usually have the process of studying/doing my research on it beforehand; that way I have some sort of knowledge leading in without going in completely blind.  I applied the same process with music, teaching myself to sing, produce, and write my own songs.  Having a writing background in poetry and storytelling helped out a lot when it came to transitioning into songwriting. Understanding how themes and messages are integral to a story catapulted me further ahead in the process.  I'd say that my largest hardship with songwriting was shedding the extra "fat" of "proper" collegiate word crafting and utilizing more of the casual "everyday" speech that I am used to speaking.  I learned that clear speech and melody without the extra "fluff" of high vocabulary is the most efficient and effective with the arts.

    Since it literally is a never-ending story when it comes to finding new concepts and creative ways to produce and sing, I determined that it'd be in my best interest if I make sure every day I surround myself with something that has to do with music.  Whether it was making up a tune and humming/singing to always keep my voice warm or watching as many music production videos on "YouTube University" as I could; I made sure that music was an integral section of my life.  Many artists started very young in their music quest and learned how to sing and become familiar with being on stage early on.  Their comfort with presenting their talents in front of differing audiences was normal. but new to me.  Being in front of an audience wasn't unfamiliar for me when it came to sports since I grew up playing basketball and football.  But this music thing was completely new: zero singing background and zero production history.  But I love a challenge, so I did it anyway.

    So far, I have made a five-song EP and three singles along with a live performance in Hollywood, CA back in November of last year.  I am currently working on my second EP and cannot wait to share it with you!

    I hope you have a great rest of your day or night!

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