These videos I personally find to be very helpful to come back to and view when I have time.  By learning from these people, I have gained new perspectives that have aided me in how I live my daily life.  They are motivational and inspirational tools I implore us all to listen to with an open mind. Enjoy!!!

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Major Announcement!

Poetry Interview With Artist: D.C. Stoy

QUESTIONS || An Audio Poem

LIGHT || A Visual Poem

PACE || A Visual Poem

Interview with T.D. Jakes | Soar

Denzel Washington Motivation Speech 

Matthew McConaughey Motivational Speech

Robert Downey Jr.'s Incredible Story

Serena Williams: A Tennis Sensation

Benjamin Zander TED Talk

Michael Jordan | Successful Motivation

Kobe Bryant | Mamba Mentality

Cecilia Chiang | Mother of Chinese Food in America


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