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The Dangerousness of Living in Your Past

Jumanji 1995 At times I have bouts where I suffer from episodes of incessant nostalgia which sometimes cause my eyes to water from laughter or pain, while I distantly stare off into the distance.  And truth be told, looking back upon the past is not wrong to do in the slightest. There are numerous lessons that we can learn at differing ages in our life that will allow us to glean new wisdom due to our maturing perspectives that come with age. That makes it easier to delve into memory to learn something valuable, enable it to benefit, and advise us in our decisions later to come.  Honestly, who doesn’t like to have the ability to fondly look back and reminisce on those positive memories from back in the day?  However, for some people, this constant reflecting upon the past can turn into an unhealthy habit, unfortunately.  The past is filled with memories that have positive scents or create a sour taste in our mouths depending on the experience, as we all know.  Continuing to reshape the

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