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Why I Started Making Music

          As you know, I am currently a music artist and have been for the past two years now. Being a self-taught singer, music producer and songwriter has been quite a journey filled with ups and downs, but internal and external growth has been the constant theme throughout it.        You see, being only a consumer/listener of music all my life without any background in knowing how to make the stuff didn't help me when I made the decision to make music.  Like most of us, I had won many Grammy's in my personal car and shower awards; not to mention digested music almost as much as I did food during my middle and high school days to keep me sane.  But listening and constructing music are two completely different tasks; which I learned very quickly.      In 2022 I experienced having my heart broken for the first time.  It was such a rough experience for me that it thrust me into this drive to write about my feelings and how harsh my emotions were during that period of life.  I am

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