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Maintaining a Positive & Calm Outlook Amidst Mass Hysteria

"If I panic, everyone else panics".  -Kobe Byrant     ↠  As we all know, 2020 has not started off on a very good note considering the shocking tragic deaths that have taken place as well as the rapid global spread of this deadly Coronavirus.  Everywhere I look it appears that there are constant reminders of how fragile our mortality is and how easily life can evaporate before our eyes.  Understanding that death is indiscriminate in its' choosing can cause us to embrace each other more dearly and value the time that we are given here on Earth.  Recently, this embracing and socializing amongst groups of people have been discouraged due to the desire to reduce the spread of the (COVID-19).  This constant jolting of emotions back and forth between deciding whether to hold people dearly or somewhat quarantine yourself from them (in many aspects "literally"), can ultimately cause a person to panic.  Feeling that your independence, as well as dependency, has become se…

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