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Staying Mentally Strong: It Ain't Easy...

"The strength of your mind determines the quality of your life."- Edmond Mbiaka The topic of strength, let alone the word itself, is one of the oldest and boldest subject matters that has ever existed in human history.  The natural connotation behind the word implicates that there is some sort of resolute resilience or robust power that an individual must have when facing opposing circumstances.  Whether it be physical or mental aptitude, the importance of having "strength" is deemed as being a crucial element for a person to have throughout their life.  In today's current bleak reality of a global pandemic, economic stoppages, intense racial tensions, (etc.) it can be difficult to muster the inner strength that is required to ride out the storm.  Whether physical or mental, strength is something that can be fundamental in the "making or breaking" of a person, as they try their best to withstand life's difficulties.  

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