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PACE || A Visual Poem (Analysis)

                                                                    PACE || A Visual Poem      The YouTube video above is my debut Visual Poetry video that focuses on my poem " Pace ".  In this post, I plan to give a deeper analysis and sight into the reasoning behind this piece of writing.  Firstly, I am a major believer in the truth of art being purely subjective material, so I am not here to define the piece nor tell you how to think about it.  I will simply be shedding insight as to my perspective on " Pace " and what I have garnered from it as a result.  I hope you enjoy my words as well as the video!            Times are hard for humanity right now, and historically they always have been.  With so many swiftly changing events taking place in our world, it can easily become nerve-wracking at times for a person who simply just wants to accomplish.  Albeit, the ability to accomplish requires, time, opportunity and a strong work-ethic; even with the culmination o

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