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Why You Are So Important!

  "Wanting to be someone else, is a waste of the person you are." - Marilyn Monroe                           7 Steps to Really Know Yourself Better (Only if You are Honest) DISCLAIMER :  In this post, I will speak to you (my readers) directly most of the time.    Over the years, I have noticed that within the modern 21st Century era of American society there tends to be less value placed upon who a person is at their core and more placed on their gift or "contribution to society".  Many times the appraisal of a person is diluted down to the belief that their line of work is what defines them and who they are is irrelevant or limited to their occupation.  In truth, we are hurting ourselves as a human race by misplacing value on outside stimuli that have nothing to do with exploring the crucial qualities that make us unique as individuals.   Too many times we have seen celebrity artists, musicians, athletes, actors, (etc.) on breaking news headlines with the word “tr

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