Be A Superhuman!
                                        What Is Your Super And How To Become A Superhuman?

"Knowledge earns you power, character earns you respect."- Bruce Lee

    I challenge you reader to BE A SUPERHUMAN! Before you surmise that I am insane, joking or decide to exit this post as quickly as you clicked on it, I implore you to hear me make my case for imposing such a random and seemingly unattainable claim upon you.  You might also be pleased to hear foremost that this call to action is not only meant for you but is directly aimed at myself as well. Now, that that is out of the way, I shall proceed.

    The first question that would naturally have crept into your mind would be, "What do you exactly mean by the term 'superhuman'?" We live in a current time where superheroes are the prominent topic in the film industry and social media influencers command the attention of thousands of people with just the touch and scroll of a single finger upon a smart phone. A time where personal aspirations are deemed "relevant" depending on how much monetary income or successful business acumen is achieved.  With 56.8% of the global population utilizing social media, it can appear to be inevitable that the group opinion has swayed the masses even more so in the last ten years. However, I believe that the individual is the most crucial piece in the recovery or proper formulation of one's original personal opinion.  

    The steps to take in order to salvage what's left of personal opinion in my estimation resides in the enhancement of character and embracement of internal values.  It is my belief that being a superhuman encapsulates the daily process of conquering one's internal immoral nature and dawning the cape of altruism in order to benefit humanity.  I know that might sound like a lot of words, so let me just explain what I mean in simpler terms. In order to reach the pinnacles/markers of being "super", first an agreement of self-distillation must be made in an individual's psyche that concentrates on the betterment and overall striving towards a specific goal.  It is through this rigorous introspection and honest self-analysis that the "superhuman" transformation begins its inception. When someone decides that they will begin this refinement process, this initial choice is what I view as a “superhuman” trait. I say this, because the refinement of character is not natural for us human beings, especially in a time where the promotion of self-image without personal critique is congratulated.  

    If one is truly not content with their current output in life, aside from their occupational production, and is questioning what can be done to remedy whatever this internal ailment might be; part of the solution would be to survey their foundation.  As I mentioned above, the truth during such tasks is the key to unlocking one's potential for the maximization of their purpose and internal breakthrough that they were looking for all along. But for those truths to come to light, one must take on the responsibility of making sure that they are not self-deceiving in their personal analysis. That way when they wade through and separate the pros and cons of their nature, they can evaluate on a truthfully level scale.  The knowledge that can spring forth as a result can be life-changing, because in those moments of discovery a person can see what their "powers" are.  Considering all of us have been given a unique set of unquantifiable gifts and talents, it is in our best interest to seek them out, hone them and apply them to our everyday lives for the genuine benefit of others.  

"With great power comes great responsibility." -Uncle Ben (Spider-Man 2002)

    I hope this short post finds you well and that you were able to receive some great inspirational tools on the important subject of becoming a superhuman!  Have a great rest of your day or night!


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