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"Wanting to be someone else, is a waste of the person you are." - Marilyn Monroe

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DISCLAIMERIn this post, I will speak to you (my readers) directly most of the time.  

Over the years, I have noticed that within the modern 21st Century era of American society there tends to be less value placed upon who a person is at their core and more placed on their gift or "contribution to society".  Many times the appraisal of a person is diluted down to the belief that their line of work is what defines them and who they are is irrelevant or limited to their occupation.  In truth, we are hurting ourselves as a human race by misplacing value on outside stimuli that have nothing to do with exploring the crucial qualities that make us unique as individuals.  

Too many times we have seen celebrity artists, musicians, athletes, actors, (etc.) on breaking news headlines with the word “tragedy” attached to the end of their names as a result of self-destructive or similar events.  As consumers of their talents, we later tend to find out that they were suffering from internal battles that were never administered to or aided properly.  These unfortunate circumstances are frequently occurring throughout our societies despite it not being as overtly advertised in comparison to when a celebrity suffers such a tragedy. And even worse, this problem is not slowing down in our societies.

The question that I am proposing is, "Why is this the case"?  

There are numerous factors that cause these issues to occur, depending on the individual’s specific circumstances.  In my estimation, it appears that many of us suffer from not knowing or believing just how important we as individuals are.  This lack of understanding oftentimes lands us in a toxic state of uncertainty as to what exactly is our purpose for being put on this Earth.  Many of us find it to be difficult to discern precisely our purposes as a result of a lack of self-awareness or simply just not finding them.  Sometimes the confusion can turn to frustration if the time elapses without a sign.  Many times we direct those frustrating emotions to ourselves and start to have doubts in our minds that rot and morph into the unhealthy belief that you serve no purpose.  This mentality continues to evolve into something bigger and more contaminated when we shift our focus to others’ accomplishments. Comparing your journey with another person and thinking that your purpose is dwarfed in comparison, ultimately disservices yourself and handicaps your room for growth. I admonish you and myself to sprint from this thinking as fast as possible. You will waste your individual precious time on Earth trying to “measure up” to others; resulting in the burdening weight of the ultimate mental inferiority lie. Becoming stable in the understanding that you are just as important and special as anybody else, can be a bit of a shift in paradigm for those who have suffered from this thought pattern. Feeling “less than” personally or when you compare yourself to others can be extremely painful. It wears you down mentally, weighs heavily on your spirit, and can even sap your body from its’ natural vitality physically.  In a world where comparison corrupts the best and magnifies the worst, it is important that you recognize just how extraordinary you are no matter what others think about you.  I recommend that you speak with a professional therapist or someone who is an expert in knowing how to get you away from the negativity of inferiority complexes.  Health writer, Nuna Alberts, sheds more enlightenment on this topic in her article, What is an Inferiority Complex? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Another professional site that I refer to learn more about continuing to enhance my mental health is through the website: MedCircle.

Professor X "Mental Hug" (X-Men)
Professor X "Mental Hug" (X-Men)

One of the ways which help me to keep life in perspective is by recognizing that it is a gift that you must open yourself.  You and I were born with our own personalized thumbprint. Just ponder the ingenuity that must have gone into specializing every hair follicle on your cranium down to the last detail. The point being, you were carefully crafted for a reason that serves a distinct purpose that you must take the time to find out personally. Everyone’s path in life is different, however, the fact that we were given a path with free will is a privilege in itself. Be grateful for life and the time you were given, because it is too short to complain about and too long to remain pessimistic. 

If you are like me, you suffer from being your own harshest critic.  Sometimes this mentality can be so extreme that it is at the expense of your own reasonable practicality, due to your incessant desire to continually maximize your potential.  It’s simply unhealthy. While you remain consistent in keeping yourself accountable, due to your own self initiatives, it can be taxing on your psyche to scrutinize every single thing.  I wear myself out many times.  Learning how to keep things in perspective causes us to recognize that we are only human and no matter how hard we may try to be "perfect", we will fall short.  But falling short is not a bad thing.  There is so much you can learn from those mishaps that will lead you to make a more informed decision later.  And learn to laugh at yourself. A lot of the pressure you and I heap on ourselves from trying too hard to be perfectionists tends to lead to obsessive tendencies.  We have to learn to not take ourselves so seriously that we miss out on the beauty in the journey of the situation, instead of the end results.  Laughter at ourselves when you make a mistake keeps us level-headed and not so full of arrogance because we realize that we are not perfect no matter how hard we try to be.  Yes, try to be the best you can with all your might, but realize that you will make mistakes from time to time, so do your best to enjoy the process and laugh at yourself every now and then.  

The intersection between your purpose(s) and the unrestricted imagination of your youth typically coincide in some fashion or another.  Meshing your evaluation of life, natural skill, passion, and sentiment for the common good can enhance your vision for a specific purpose. When you are young and ambitious you are not afraid to express and dream about who you want to be, no matter how far-fetched it might seem to the older more “mature you” now.  Ironically, in some way or another your God-given gifts and talents typically pair and overlap with these ambitions somehow. It is the journey of scoping out this overlap and discovering it which italicizes your purpose unconsciously. Too bad as we grow older our choice of “stability” is the comfortable decision that in our “realistic minds” outweighs most of the young dreams. I dare you and myself to pursue those dreams in some fashion or another because neglect of your dreams is the castration of youth’s pure ambitions.  Just don’t leave them to rot with the rest of the other “junk” in the attic you have forgotten all about. 

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You were tailor-made to be beautiful just the way you are, with your own life journey and lessons, and your own thumbprint.  Do not be sucked down into the chasm of normality or caught in the world’s endless cycle of superficiality. Unwrap the gift of life by discovering the gold that lies within you and only you. Unlock your potential and multi-purposes with the certainty of knowing that you were put here for a reason that may supersede your preconceived notions that purpose is weighed in silver or gold (or even Bitcoin).  Your purpose is in the difference you make for the common good and well-being of others with your gifts. That’s one of the beautiful things about life: discovering your gifts/talents and maximizing them for the common good of people no matter what country you live in.  Just think how better off our world would be if we loved, respected, and cultivated our unique gifts in order to positively help those throughout the globe. I truly believe that bad news travels fastest but goodness is what brings us together. 

With Christmas this month I want to express to you just how important, unique, and special you are regardless of what else is occurring in the world.  I know that it sounds cliché, but just know that you have a purpose and maybe multi-purposed. Despite this holiday being my personal favorite time of the year, I recognize that for some people it is quite the opposite. So no matter what you might be going through during this month, just know that you have a purpose to serve that typically is bigger than yourself and must only be discovered by you.  Know that you are loved and that I care about your well-being and am praying for you no matter what hemisphere you reside in. So take this time to enjoy your loved ones and reconvene and focus on the positives that life has to offer. Be the best you can be to maximize this gift of life through love, purpose, and the understanding that you are important no matter what circumstances you may encounter. Life is not quantifiable nor is it dimensionally understandable, but it is a blessing nonetheless, so make the most of it, because you are important! 

Merry Christmas from Dwight

I hope you found this post to be hearty nourishment for your mind and strong invigoration for your soul as we head into the end of this tumultuously historic 2020 year.   My love and goodwill go out to all who read this.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!🎄

"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself." - Mark Twain


  1. Love what you are trying to do with this blog! We need more positivity in this world!

    1. Thank you so much Renee! I greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read my work.


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