Maintaining a Positive & Calm Outlook Amidst Mass Hysteria
A calm lake at sunset
"If I panic, everyone else panics".  -Kobe Byrant
    ↠  As we all know, 2020 has not started off on a very good note considering the shocking tragic deaths that have taken place as well as the rapid global spread of this deadly Coronavirus.  Everywhere I look it appears that there are constant reminders of how fragile our mortality is and how easily life can evaporate before our eyes.  Understanding that death is indiscriminate in its' choosing can cause us to embrace each other more dearly and value the time that we are given here on Earth.  Recently, this embracing and socializing amongst groups of people have been discouraged due to the desire to reduce the spread of the (COVID-19).  This constant jolting of emotions back and forth between deciding whether to hold people dearly or somewhat quarantine yourself from them (in many aspects "literally"), can ultimately cause a person to panic.  Feeling that your independence, as well as dependency, has become severely limited as a result of this admonished isolation can make it very difficult to maintain a positive let alone calm perspective when faced with such negativity.  Here are a couple of ways I am working on remaining positive and composed regardless of the constant voices of trepidation that remain consistent in these United States. 
Here are some ways that have helped me to try and maintain a positive calm perspective despite today's dismal dark times:
    ·  Being a person of faith, I recognize that one of the most crucial things that I can do whether it be an intense time of crisis, a personal victory, or even just a "basic" day is to pray. For me, prayer is a communication channel between me and God, which allows me to voice my thoughts and unpack a lot of the doubts, uncertainty, and insecurities to an always-listening source.  Having this safe space to get all of my frustrations and other negative emotions out genuinely and honestly allow me to recharge and feel rejuvenated.  In a time where a deadly virus has appeared to shut down schools, handicap economic systems, ransack grocery stores, and severely limit everyday social interaction; it is almost natural to also be overtaken with the rest of the worlds' panicky disposition.  Being surrounded by this "rush to survive" mentality can drive almost anyone to an unhealthy place of worry and fear.  Prayer and trust in God have allowed me to step away from a chaotic world and regain composure and positivity during this onslaught of sickness. 🙏
    ·  Another way I have noticed has helped me to maintain a positive mentality during this bleak time, is through actually finding reasons to laugh.  Yes, comedy/humor has been crucial for me.  Sometimes the little things in life such as your favorite hilarious comedian or even just thinking of funny moments in your life can cause you to take your mind off of the drudgery of today's circumstances.  A good laugh is a satisfying medicine.  Maybe this is just a me thing, but sometimes an old hilarious memory can randomly pop into my mind and spark uncontrollable laughter despite me presently being in a serious moment.  It sounds silly, but honestly, those random moments of elation are some of the best remedies to remaining positive during such sad times like these.  This does not at all mean that these current situations should be made light of or not taken seriously, because that would be immature and foolish.  However, a little humor can go a long way as well as be necessary positive light during such negative current times. 😂
    ·  Remaining composed and positive can be difficult in general if that does not come naturally to you, let alone during a time where a global virus is running rampant causing people to scramble for water and other necessities.  This might seem a bit off the wall, but listening to music has really helped to calm my nerves and allow me to see clearly beyond the melee of the everyday.  This task might appear to be a daily basic habit for many, which I am sure it is; however, despite the mood the music might put you in, getting into the groove of a certain tempo or rhythm can aid you.  If you are a person like me, who enjoys having productive days and can be used to a certain routine, you might find that listening to music while you do your work at home might enhance your experience.  Since we all are basically confined to being indoors at the moment, there is not much work that you can really do outside.  Taking this time to do indoor activities such as working out at home, digital work or even basic chores like cooking, cleaning, etc can become more fun or cheerful when music is involved. 🎵

   ↠  I have found that during this crazy period, I can live less frantically if I do these three things that I suggested.  They work for me and have caused me to remain calm and still positive regardless of how trying and strange these times are.  I hope that I have lent some sort of insight into how praying, laughing, and listening to music has helped me to currently have a positive and unrattled perspective.  Give them a try, who knows, it might work for you.  I hope you all stay safe, healthy, composed, and positive!


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