Speak Up!

"When you least expect it, someone may actually listen to what you have to say."  -Maggie Kuhn


This post is for all my fellow introverts.   Those of us whose social skills and toleration ranges from one end of the spectrum to the other, in the hopes of acquiring some sort of interaction that will be pleasant of a kind.  Well, this post I am specifically tailoring to you all as well as myself, in the hopes to recognize the importance of speaking up!

So often, it can appear that those who are more verbose in their manners of expression, whether it be through speech, fashion, music, or any form of extroverted tendencies; are deemed to be the "go-getters" of society.  Many of those are not as socially interactive or talkative have been easily labeled as "boring" or "disinterested" due to their not being so quick to jump into the "fun" with others.  That is simply a lie.  Some observant types who are introverts can be extremely perceptive yet still "fun" once you get to know them.  Being an introvert myself, I completely understand the mentality of keeping to oneself and becoming comfortable with that.  Alone time can be a pleasure at times, especially if you are always bombarded with social interaction due to your occupation, situations, or whatever your circumstances may entail.  The ability to refresh through self-care and relaxation allows for recovery away from people that can reinvigorate a person after a long day.  A deeper glimpse into the importance of self-recovery can be seen in a blog post on the website, wolf hunt entitled: My First Blog Post; it's about recovery.

Yes, being an introvert is amazing. And I am sure being an extrovert is equally as great, however, I would admonish my introverts to recognize the importance of making your voices known.  Sometimes you should unpack all of that bundled up wisdom that is stored in the vaults of your mind as a result of observation, knowledge, gifts, etc.  This sharing does not have to always be verbal.  It can be through whatever form makes you comfortable to share your ideas and perspectives with others.  The platform that I am using to express my ideas to the world is through the form of calligraphy; as seen through my written blog posts.  The freedom of expression is a very powerful tool that can be wisely utilized as a means to reach people's ears/eyes, and positively impact them through their viewing of your ideas and paradigms.  Your voice is needed!  People's words, thoughts, and perspectives have helped to shape the historical and current social landscapes that humans have lived in for hundreds of years.  Some of the most memorable movements in history have started with a thought, an idea that a person had which amounted to a refined idealism that spread like wildfire once it was shared with a person(s).

Silent Geniuses
Regardless of how introverted, shy, or unwilling you are to interact with others for whatever reason, I would advise you to recognize that some of your ideas can have a major impact and influence on others who might even share your same viewpoints.  There is no truth in thinking that your beliefs and ideas do not measure up with that of others.  Run your ideas by others and allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone by learning how to be a patient active listener.  Through this process of widening your perspective through listening to others' opinions and comparing your own against them, you can develop an even more refined and well thought out idea, theory, idealism, or whatever your creativity produces.  Ask questions, prod and pick others' theories for understanding not just holes, take notes, learn from critical analysis (or whatever learning style works best for you), instead of bottling up allow yourself to be more open to listening to others.  This does not mean that you just blindly accept their opinion as truth! At least give them a chance and respectfully hear them out first without drawing conclusions so quickly and stubbornly reverting back to your own views. I understand that this can be a bit of a transition and feel very unorthodox for some introverts considering the amount of social interaction that might accompany this active listening.  Shy or not, I believe that this can help you as a person in your endeavor towards voicing your opinions.

Your voice matters, your thoughts are unique, and your perspectives are not inferior to anyone else's!  So fellow introvert, speak up in whatever way is suitable for you because your intellect can someday help to change the world for the better!

"Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning." -Maya Angelou


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