Why is Entertainment Important?

A picture I had taken of the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood
In today's technological age, information has been at the forefront of people’s priorities when it comes to the desire to gain knowledge. Whether it be in the form of television news or social media outlets when it comes to information, people are having a strong desire to acquire it through whatever means possible. The speed at which today’s information is being received is simply amazing.  A thirty second YouTube video can teach a person the proper way to change a flat tire, in comparison to a tangible paper instruction manual. As technology continues to become more and more advanced, this access to information has quickened over time as a result.

Entertainment has been used as one of the most popular forms of conceptual information granted to the public.  Most of the time this form of media as seen in many films and arts, is used as an enjoyable experience for the average person; who simply wants a break from their own reality. The ability to relax and unwind from their workday, while viewing a screen has become a normal pastime for our society. The platform by which this media is shown can be through television, cell phones, laptops, etc, as we all know.  However, since its inception, it does not appear that the general public is astute to the messages behind the media which is served to them on a digital platter.  I find it extremely rare when there are any questions raised concerning the content that is created for people of all ages.  Being a huge movie lover myself, I have noticed that throughout my time of viewing films, I never thought about the purpose of the timing of the distinct types of movies that were being produced.  By paying attention to what is currently going on in our world today and our society, I have seen that there is usually a trend in films which translate into a particular perspective about what is happening around us.  Through the utilization of powerful films, the media has impressed many of societies malleable minds into accepting as honest truth, whatever their eyes are digesting on the screen, causing their opinions to become unoriginal in their perceptions.

Unfortunately, it is seen as rare for people to think for themselves anymore.  The feeling of being the outcast when it comes to not going with the flow of worldly opinion appears to intimidate most people.  The lack of will power to look the world in the face despite what entertainment motives and the societal agendas tell them results in a worldwide stagnation of thought. By everyone going along with what "is in" today, it can appear to be difficult for one to have an original un-influenced opinion that isn't criticized by the masses.  I am not saying that entertainment is the thorn in our side.  As I stated before, I love movies as well as other forms of entertainment.  Like anything else, it has pros and cons which can influence people of all ages.  However, I believe that it has such a strong influence and power over younger generation impressionable minds, which can become stuck in this mold of being like everyone else instead of being themselves.  This usually originates with not reasoning on their own accord, because of their wide-eyed belief of every message that the entertainment feeds them.  I just say to the young people, old people, myself, and all in-betweeners, to be wary and form your own opinions first before you allow the media and entertainment to make up your mind for you.  Be cerebral about your perspectives and actions, but enjoy media recreation for what it's worth.  I also am telling myself the same thing, because one thing that I've learned on this journey of life so far is that, I am not alone in it.  We all are going through a lot of the same things and can learn from each other without entertainment telling us that we are all the same because we are not. We are all unique and priceless.  


  1. Entertainment is truly the platform on the highest peg, so I completely agree that what we view deserves to be processed before it is accepted. Many media outlets use their accessibility for the better and present unbiased information or stories. However, other outlets have agendas with their content. It's crucial that we avoid indoctrination and desensitization, like you said, because individualism also corrodes under media that makes decisions for you.

    Loved this post, can't wait to read more!

    1. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thank you so much!!


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