Sometimes you just have to write...
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for STAT
Sometimes you just have to write!  There are moments in my life where I find that there are no words that can completely describe my mental state when comes to situations or circumstances.  One of the best things that I have learned for myself to do, is to write out what is going on in my head despite my not being able to verbally get it out.  Some of this is due to my being an English major and my love for words and writing.  However, you do not have to be an English lover or vocabulary junkie to express yourself on paper.  The paper does not cast judgment upon you, nor does it negatively react to the words that you inscribe on it.  I have found this to be so useful because it is a detoxing relaxing feeling that can occur for my conscience when that moment of stagnancy can occur.  For some people, post-it notes are key to helping their days go smoother as a result of them being constantly reminded to accomplish certain tasks. In my estimation, no matter the age of the individual, writing can become a necessity in one’s life because of their producing information from their mind. That might appear to sound extremely obvious to someone who is reading this. However, the activity can be a form of mental exercise which can not only expand your brain's capacity to think deeper but also allow for someone to have deeper self-awareness.  Seeing what I am thinking written down on paper or via a computerized document has enabled me to have reflective mirror-like moments, which has allowed me to better see how I think. By recognizing that your thoughts do play an increasingly important role in how you live your daily life, the action of writing down your thoughts and reading them back to yourself allows for another set of eyes, so to speak, to form an opinion about them.  Just finding a sliver of time in one's day to write down what they are thinking at the moment, whether it be the deep recesses or whatever is in the forefront of their mind; it can be extremely beneficial to ones' self-awareness.  As seen in diaries as well as personal journals, there is usually a unique story that can be expressed by the person to themselves, which causes them to look back and see their development in mentality, maturity, and cognitive awareness.  When I read over my past written works from when I was younger, I can see the flaws in my writing as well as grin with admiration upon my current growth in paradigm from my past mindsets.  Through physically viewing this personal growth, a sense of pride and boost in confidence can emerge, as a result of literally eyeing your upward expansion in written skills and outlook on life in general.  I believe and try to live by the understanding that it is essential for me to always be "green" as a developing plant, and never "ripe" or thinking that I know it all.  The more that a person knows, the more they realize they do not know, which can be easily seen when they write on an everyday basis.  Digging into those archives of your past thoughts up until your most recent ones can expose you to the evolving nature with which you think over the duration of time.

I completely understand that not all people are adept at writing or even like to do it at all.  However, I have found it to be something which can be very beneficial regardless of it being laden with "deepness" or not.  A simple couple of words of honesty from your mind written to yourself on a sticky note or journal can go a long way. It has for me.


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