Hard Work vs. Smart Work


Working hard is important. I'm sure many people would agree with me on that statement, considering that it is most likely not the first time that they've heard it before, nor the last time they will.  Hard work is the quintessential American ideal, which encompasses the belief that you can thrive in this country if you dedicate your time and energy into a field, job, or hobby you are passionate about.  No matter your background, ethnicity, etc, you have the opportunity to "make it big" so to speak.  Even though we might like to think positively and agree that the American Dream is alive and well, it is simply not always the case. Especially for minorities.  For years, there are numerous factors which have led to this dream being rarely attainable for most people of color.  However, there are some exceptions of those who have become extremely successful at their craft and have in turn become celebrities in the process.  Actors, sports athletes, tv personalities, business moguls, entertainers, etc have come in all colors and creeds usually due to their talent, skill, and mastery of their craft.  Many of these are held in high esteem due to their rareness as well as the marveling of their specific talent by society.  In general, working towards a goal that is of a positive nature can further enhance a person's determination, resilience, and outlook on life.  

Despite all of the positivities that working hard towards a certain goal(s) can produce, it is equally crucial that one learns how to work smart at the same time.  This talent of working smartly can be developed through one discovering just how in tune they are with themselves.  Not meaning to sound overly complicated with that...I truly believe that when a person learns how they best work in all sorts of environments they can become a smarter worker.  An example for me is how I didn't know that musical accompaniment helped me to have a clearer thought process as I was writing. When writing a paper for an assignment or any type of artistic work which requires a high focus mindful process, I learned that when I listen to music instrumentals my mind becomes more relaxed which allows me to intensely focus.  Usually, I would think that outside noise would cause my writing process to be hindered when in reality it created the complete opposite result.  It is the little things like that for example, which I am becoming more attune to because it is helping me to work better as well as smarter.  Learning how I best operate, whether it be with a time crunch or certain deadline, helps me to become more efficient in my work as a result.  Working smart can also help you to cut down the amount of time and energy that you might focus on something, due to your being more cerebral about the actual process of how you best work.  Sometimes people might mistake working smart with meaning that one does not illustrate the ability of hard work but simply takes short cuts.  That is not always the case.  Working smart in my opinion correlates directly to a runner who has learned how to pace themselves when running a long-distance race.  Learning how to not "burn out" and focus your energy in the places you need it most when working, is a skill that most learn with years of experience; however trying to learn that at a young age is a skill I am trying to attain.

I am in the process of learning how to infuse hard work with working smart to create a better mindset for me a creative person.

Hopefully, this post helped you in learning about yourself more as well as incorporating hard and smart work into your daily lives. I'm an amateur myself at balancing the two, but I'll get there someday, and you will too if you haven't already.


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