What's the point of this blog?

This is a lifestyle blog, which gives readers the chance to see a new perspective on how the betterment of this new generation, could be attributed to introspective examination.  With morality and personal development being the catalyst through which these young people can grow, this blog will emphasize the importance of their inner refinement and a clear non-digitalized mind.  In today's fast-paced social media society and rapid technological growth, it is easy for the separation of one's own analytical and questioning opinions to occur.  Due to society's quest for factual evidence and less of truthful acknowledgment, it is only natural for teenagers and young adults to be force-fed what to think.  The ability to think for themselves has been severely limited because of their reliance upon media, which has become a positive and negative topic of discussion in today's society.  As a result, many young people feel unfulfilled personally and fall in the crack of lack of the self-awareness; which leads to depression and a deficiency of respect for their fellow man (especially the older generations). 

Being one of these young people myself and sharing some of my experiences, I hope to bridge the gap between the older and younger generations with insightful knowledge; which will help us both to collaborate and learn from each other.  One of my key points that I will be introducing in this blog, is why creativity and originality in an individual must be crucial.  By stressing how not being like everyone else is extremely valuable for one's internal growth, this blog's agenda is designed to push down the selfish nature that can come with individuality.  This spin on "humanism" is designed to recognize that everyone has problems that they are going through, no matter what level of status they have.  By communicating these problems, whether they be psychological, emotional, physical or whatever the case may be, this blog will shed light on how the younger and older generations can relate directly to those areas.  Despite the generational gap in the loss of being able to relate to having widened, due to the current fast information of social technology, the fundamental key element of human emotional intelligence remains.  
         With the main focus being upon speaking to the younger and past generations, this blog will always seize the moment to recognize that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that with hope and a common goal through respect and communication, humanity will have a better perspective moving forward.  By capitalizing on the technological ingenuity of Generation Z and Millennial's, this blog will shed light on how the older generation is not as far removed as we think, and have qualities in their paradigm that stand the test of time no matter how far we "progress". Through this joint-effort in gaining an understanding of each other's generation, the result will empower young people equipped with non-digitalized "go with the flow" intellect, and incorporate the past generation's valuable knowledge and experience.


  1. Oh hey, fancy seeing you here.

    Your ideas fascinate me, young one. I love the sentence where you explain how "everyone has problems that they are going through no matter what level of status they have", and I agree. I am very interested on what you have to say in your future posts.

    -You know who ;)

  2. Hiiiii

    I really like your goals and intentions with this! Bringing together the young and the old seems like such an obvious solution, however it isn't a commonly entertained idea. Personally, I feel like I've become comfortable with the divide and have accepted it as normal. I think people have trouble seeing the need for bridging this gap because there isn't necessarily a problem with the division, but rather a lack of reaching full potential in problem solving and creativity. The wisdom of the older generations isn't something that can be attained with money or taught in a textbook. It is most powerful when shared from person to person where the lessons can be translated along with the human emotions and passions that drive them. Similarly, the youth have a uniquely deep and personal understanding of the world today that cannot be simply taught to others. It is when both of these are used together for betterment that a real impact can be made both in an individual and in society.

    Can't wait to read what's next over some Thai food:))

  3. Looking forward to seeing many of your ideas and thoughts as to how we can bring this and past generations closer than they thought possible.
    It’ll definitely be interesting to read and see what manages to come up!

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  5. I'm very impressed with how well-written this is. Weren't we previously talking about how so many people need to be themselves, and not be limited to the social norm? I like how you incorporated this in your blog. Great job! I look forward to reading your upcoming blogs.

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  7. Subscribed! Looking forward to great reads.


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